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Technical processes

We are aware that most of our customers are concerned only with appearance, results and cost, but feel it important to outline our areas of technical expertise. This is because we also provide services to other display companies who recognise we are leaders in the display industry and place their trust in us.

Vacuum Forming

The process of forming 3-D shapes into plastic sheet. Colours can usually be adapted to your palate. Thicknesses range from 0.5 to 6.0mm. Max forming size is 100x150cm. Ideal uses are for product trays. packaging, leaflet displays etc.

Heat Bending

The shaping and bending of plastic and acrylic to form a display, or part of one. Colours are limited to existing acrylic ranges although other materials are available in any Pantone colour. A wide range of thicknesses is available. Ideal uses are for display signs and high quality units.

Die Cutting

Complex or straightforward shapes can be cut out of, or cut into, virtually any substrate. The maximum size is 100x150cm. Ideal uses are for product trays, packaging.

CNC Routering

Computer Numerically Controlled Routering is an extremely precise method of cutting acrylic and plastic - in small or large quantities.

Hot Foil Blocking

The impact created by metallic finished foils often make a display successful. More than simply gold and silver, there are many colours and patterns available to enhance your project.

Screen Printing

No longer a limited application, screen printing is now a sophisticated option for display material. Printing on plastics and card in any number of colours and sizes maximises the message for your display or product.

Digital Printing

The process of choice for short-run printing is now available for many applications including printing on vinyls.

Blister Packing and Sealing

Display your product securely with an array of transparent, semi-transparent and coloured options tailor made to suit your size, shape and colourways.

Engraving, Embossing and Polishing

Create extra dimensions and enhanced finishes using these highly effective techniques.

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