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Our services

´╗┐The projects we undertake come in many shapes and sizes for a wide range of purposes and this requires expertise and understanding of a vast array of materials. We can provide solutions using the materials below dependent on design, usage, longevity and cost:


Many materials can be combined with others to produce stunning effects whilst remaining practical. Our experience enables us to offer low-cost finishes, styles and shapes that customers may not consider feasible or affordable. We can also develop components and units that appear to be made of other materials using techniques such as marbling, frosting and graining.

Print effects such as foiling, embossing and laminating can also be employed to create impactful and stylish visual results to help displays stand out from the crowd... or blend perfectly with their surroundings.

Environmental Policy

Inform Display are conscious of environmental issues and always seek green solutions wherever possible. Most of our displays are fabricated using recyclable material and almost all waste is recyclable.

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